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English translation of a brilliant short lecture on Eid ul Adha by Hazrathji Maulana Sa’ad. What really is sacrifice? [Part 1 of 3]


As salaamu wa alay kum.

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Translation of the above lecture starts here:

My dear friends and elders! That work which is not made into a worship will become a mere ritual. Really, this is the difference between worshiping and performing mere rituals.

Rituals and festivals are for the non-Muslims and worship and sacrifice are for the Muslims.

But, because of ignorance…because we do not believe in the rewards that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has promised us nor have knowledge of the rewards that we’d gain through worship, the worship of Muslims has become like that of the festivals of the non-Muslims. People think that the eid of the Muslims are festivals, if such things are said by the non-Muslims, its fine, what do they know what worship is…but if Muslims think Eid’s are festivals?

If Muslims think of eid’s as festivals…before Islam when the non-Muslims wanted to celebrate, such days were fixed. Didn’t the Companions [ra] say to the Prophet [peace be upon him] “O Prophet of Allah! On this day during the age of ignorance, we used to celebrate, make merry”. The Prophet [peace be upon him] replied: “No! Allah has given you something much better in return, Allah has given you 2 days in return for that 1 day, one is Eid ul Fitr and the other is Eid ul Adha”.

Remember, that night is a night of worship whose [following] day is also a day of worship [meaning the night before the eid and day of eid]. People spend the night before eid doing shopping instead of in ibaadah! And that too in wasteful expenditure instead on giving in charity!.

And its surprising people during the time of eid spend their wealth on clothes instead of on the command of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’la !  Spend money on their desires rather than on the command of Allah Subhanahu wa ta’la. See! For Allah the most favorite, desired wealth is that which is spent on sacrifice of animals [for Eid ul adha]. This also comes in the hadith, the most desired wealth in front of Him is that which is spent on sacrifice.

My dear friends and elders! Deen has left from the hearts of the ummah, now any talk regarding sacrifice [qurbani] and people would think of sacrificial animals, and any talk regarding Daawah [inviting towards Islam] and people would think of eating food. Talk of daawah and it’ll be assumed people are having food and talk of sacrifice, and people will think of sacrificial animals. Yes.

When actually, we today purchase the animal and sacrifice it while Hadrath Ibrahim [Prophet Abraham] [peace be upon him] brought up his son [Hadrath Isma’il, peace be upon him] and then sacrificed him.

Just think, we ‘buy’ the animal and sacrifice it while Prophet Ibtahim [peace be upon him] brought up his own son, not a lamb, it was his own son and then sacrificed him. And then in return, Allah granted Hadrath Ibrahim [peace be upon him] a lamb for sacrificing…“that you [referring to the Prophet] attempted sacrificing your own son upon My orders, for My sake” and Oh ho! Every single kid who is born on this earth and who dies before they attain puberty are all with Hadrath Ibrahim [peace be upon him] – Every single one of them from all over the world! Even if they have taken birth in a Jewish home, or a Christian home or a Hindu, or a Sikh, anything…

“You sacrificed your son for Me – even though I didn’t allow your son to die, now you tell me how many children you want?”.

Under a shade of a tree, Hadrath Ibrahim [peace be upon him] is seated with all those many kids. That is how much Allah liked his [Prophet’s] sacrifice. Every single kid ever born and who dies in that way is with Hadrath Ibrahim [peace be upon him] because he sacrificed his son for Allah’s sake and Allah granted him thus.

Listen my dear friends! Give sacrifice with all your heart.

People tend to purchase weak, feeble sacrificial  animal, why?! Listen…when there is NO belief in the promises of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, then worship becomes a huge burden…when there is no belief, knowledge of the rewards that Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala has promised us, then worship becomes… a huge burden. When such a thing happens, we’ll think… okay, the day of Eid is coming and we will have to sacrifice animals. Lets purchase a sacrificial animal and…

It surprises me…people haggle over the price of the animal, make it less, make it cheaper…make it cheaper! Lo! And not just that, even blame the sellers and say that what you are quoting is too costly…that you have paid too much for the animal…that you have been cheated etc etc! I even heard a man saying “Oh, Ho! You have paid too much for the animal, you have wasted your money”…not at all, this is really the time to spend, this is a great opportunity to spend your money, just think… you are buying it for the sake of Allah, it doesn’t matter how much you’re paying it, whatever it takes.

My dear friends and elders! Sacrifice [qurbani] does not mean killing an animal but performing such a deed in a way which will bring you closer to Allah subhanahu wa ta’la.

Performing every such deed, the aim of which is to get near to Allah, which Allah likes, is what is known as Qurbani [sacrifice].

And if the goal of such deeds is not to seek nearness to Allah, then performing such deeds cannot be called worship.

The Eid’s are an opportunity for physical and monetary sacrifice, both, physical as well as monetary. In Eid ul Adha, both the things are present – salah as well as sacrifice, ….physical sacrifice by performing special salah of Eid and also your wealth by giving sacrifice of the animal.

And in Eid ul Fitr, give charity [fitrah] as well as perform salah, yes!.

Salah and charity in Eid ul Fitr and…

Salah and sacrifice in Eid ul Adha.

It comes in the traditions [ahadith] of Prophet Muhammad [peace be upon him] that “Whosoever has the capability of offering sacrifice and does NOT do so then let that person not even come close to my masjid”. Let that person not come close to my place of worship, my masjid, my place. But people don’t have faith in these things [indicating weak faith – translator].

But they will spend an enormous amount of wealth on weddings, and on clothing themselves, such that the community’s wealth is being spent on fulfilling their desires, freely spent on all those things which are in effect causing us to move further apart from Allah and saved from all those things which would have brought us nearer to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’la.

[Hadratji emphasises upon the above words by saying them twice – translator].

…to be continued.

Author: Salman

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17 thoughts on “English translation of a brilliant short lecture on Eid ul Adha by Hazrathji Maulana Sa’ad. What really is sacrifice? [Part 1 of 3]

  1. JazakAllah khair. excellent explanation

  2. JazakAllah Khair for the excellent work

  3. Assalamalekum bhai,
    May the lord almighty Allah swt gives barakah in everything u like , may Allah swt give you the things which are beneficial to you from his hidden treasure .

  4. Excellent , MashAllah. May Allah accept.

  5. assalaamu’alaikum bro,

    Kindly get hazat saad sab’s hayatussahaba sessions. they are concise and at the same time, very deep concepts relating sahaba’s life with dawat and daayi’s sifaat…absolute gems from hazrat saad sahab db…

    please tag it accordingly so if one wants to get hayatussahaba lectures in the future on your blog he/she easily can, in one place, by clicking the tag…

    just a humble request…

    fee amaanillah.

  6. I guess you can get it in CDshops near nizamuddin? (i will search for it when I visit this time, inshAllah…if you like the idea, search in the internet also bro…the various bayan sites..i have an idea I saw it somewhere)

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  8. May Allah SWT reward for this effort. Let the created khair gets stored for hereafter.

  9. Assalamualaikum…Brilliant Stuff brother…May Allah accept it and give us taufeeq to implement it into our lives…!


  10. great nasihas jazak allah khair for translating

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