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Indian Bollywood Actor, Aamir Khan having food with Shahid Afridi [PIC]


As salaamu wa alay kumm.

Here’s a pic of Pakistani cricketer Shahid Afridi having food with Aamir Khan.

Pic courtesy:

Wa alay kum as salaam.

Author: Salman

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2 thoughts on “Indian Bollywood Actor, Aamir Khan having food with Shahid Afridi [PIC]

  1. Y do they need two goblets / glasses to drink. Haj is about being simple . There are people out there on the mataaf area and around the haram sharif who are wondering how to get their next meAl.
    I am not begrudging them their wealth.
    They can stay in whichever hotel they want. But pics like these are in poor taste.
    Anyway that’s just my opinion.

    • Sister, I’m glad you noticed and even better that you asked, firstly by seeing at the quality of the picture we can see that it was a candid pic, and someone else has taken it, so you can’t blame them for showing the world what they eat and or how they eat plus even those two goblets is simple / moderate for them, just imagine they are amongst the millionaires in their respective countries, for those guys to come down from a merc to a toyota is a huge deal, they are by no means on the same level as that of laymen, so tawazo for them and for us differs. Plus in the streets of Asia, you can find thousands of people begging on the streets, do you really think just because they beg they are poor? Not at all, they have turned begging into their profession, and have wealth more than the average man. Hope this helps.

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