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An inspirational story from the tribe of Bani Isra’il.

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Hadrat Ibn Umar [may Allah be pleased with him] related that the Messenger of Allah  said:

A young man named Kufal from the tribe of Bani Isra’il was notorious for sinning. One day a woman in dire need came to him and he agreed to give her a sum of money if she would engage in sin with him. Out of her dire need the lady agreed, but as they were about to engage in their sinful act, she let out a scream and started crying. 

Kufal asked, “What is the matter? I have not forced you into this, have I?” The lady said, “No, but this is such a major sin and one that I have saved myself from all my life till now.” Hearing this, Kufal backed away and told her to leave, having forgiven her debt to him. The next morning there was writing on Kufal’s door that read: 

“Allah has forgiven Kufal.”

[Source: Unblemished Youth By Maulana Saifullah]

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