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How Shaikh Mushki came to be known as…Shaikh Mushki.


Hadrat Shah Abdul Aziz [rh] had a student who was a very pious and beautiful young man. A woman with bad intentions in her heart would see him walking to the madrasa, and one day solicited an elderly lady to call him to the house. The elderly woman approached the young man and said that a sick person inside the house needed supplication, and, being very simple, the young man readily went inside.

Once inside, the woman of the house locked all the doors and windows and said,

“I have been watching you for some time and have wanted you. Now we have privacy and can do what our hearts desire.”

The young man realized that this woman was inviting him towards sin and started thinking of a way out. He said that he first needed to use the latrine and the lady let him go. Once inside the latrine, he covered his limbs and clothes with feces present therein in the hopes that she think him a madman. He rubbed the filth all over himself until he could not stand the smell and came out. 

The woman was taken aback and disgusted and took him to be mad just as the young man had hoped. She hurriedly told him to leave.

The young man had never been late for class, and did not want to start now, but he was also filthy. He ran to madrasa, where he quickly went to the washroom, proceeded to shower and wash his clothes. With no time for his clothes to dry, he came out dripping wet and sat in the back as class began.

Hadrat Shah Abdul Aziz [rh] taught for a little while but finally stopped because he was clearly distracted. He said, 

“One of you has such a strong fragrance that I cannot concentrate. Who is it?”

All the students looked around and finally one of them pointed to the newcomer who was dripping wet as the source of the fragrance. 

Hadrat Shah Abdul Aziz [rh] called him forward and said, ”Why are you wearing such a strong fragrance?”

The young man shied away from relating his story but finally did with tears in his eyes because Hadrat Shah [rh] was getting angry at his evasiveness. By the grace of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala, the very limbs the young man had covered in filth to try and protect his faith now emanated with the strong fragrance of musk.

For the remainder of his life this young man was known as Shaikh Mushki, because he smelled of musk.

[Source: Bedaagh Jawaani / Unblemished Youth]

Author: Salman

Know me by my work.

6 thoughts on “How Shaikh Mushki came to be known as…Shaikh Mushki.

  1. SubhanAllah!! Splendid story.
    May Allah inculcate Taqwa of the highest degree within our hearts.aameen

  2. Great story mashaAllah, I remember reading this a few years ago but it is just as thought-provoking this time round. JazakAllahu khairan for posting.

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