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Inception of the great revival. Early history of the resurgence – The mother we had left to die.


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Assalaamu alai kumm wa rahmatullaah wa barakath,

When Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas Saheb (rahmatullaah alaih) commenced his mission of propagation, even the Ulamah were at variance with him and even the most eminent scholars tended to be critical towards him, but placing his confidence in Allah, he nonetheless planted the roots of this mission and went ahead.

He showed no outward sign of being awe-struck by their criticism and condemnation.

Similarly, when he revived the work of Tableegh (propagation), he attracted criticism from the entire fraternity of scholars but he went ahead with his mission. This was so because of the fact that it was a forgotten mission, lying dormant over a period of so many years and the fact that either the history of the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) was not before them or they merely browsed through it perfunctorily. They had no inclination whatsoever to extract and deduce from the historical accounts of the Sahabah. Similar was the case with their superficial study of Ahadith, they lacked in drawing deductions from the Ahadith.

Our arch-Hadhrats (a reference to Maulana llyas Saheb rahmatullahi alaih & Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Saheb rahmatullahi alaih) also extracted such deductions from the Qur’an, Ahadith and the incidents of the Sahabah (radhiyallahu anhum) that seemed unheard of even to their contemporary Ulamah.

Hence, our objective lies solely in channeling our endeavors towards this mission whilst invoking upon Allah ta’ala to steer us towards the truth and expose the reality of Dawah to our hearts.

There are many things based on analogous deductions unfathomable by a narrow-minded person. Hence the criticism that follows.

However, as the sprightliness of the facets of Islam returned, thanks to this mission, many people benefited from it in every way possible, thereby forcing them (the critics) into silence. Notwithstanding this, they were inclined to accede to it provided they were in pursuit of the truth. Hadhrat Maulana Muhammad llyas Saheb (rahmatullah alaih) maintained that the solution to every one of our personal, social and political problems lies in this field of Dawah and Tableegh and we entertain the same ideology.

Immediate and partial gain seems imminent in other fields and branches but the sacrifice entailed is limited. This is why people tend to flock towards those branches of religion.

On the other hand, the field of Dawah is very taxing and one does not gain immediate benefit whilst struggling in this field. This is the reason people shirk away from the work of Dawah.

Similarly, people of our times are swift in drawing conclusions either by looking at inefficient people like us or on the basis of this Dawah mission.

However, they fall short of grasping the reality of it by failing to reflect over the categorical injunctions (Nusoos) of Shariah.

However, we are not compelled to answer anyone’s objections. Neither will we remain aloof from them nor we will condemn them but we will closely associate with one and all, promote our endeavour and call unto Allah ta’ala only.

It is undoubtedly the grace of Allah ta’ala that He is making this mission forge ahead especially in these spiritually turbulent times. This is no achievement on our part whatsoever. All praises are due unto Allah ta’ala only.

At a time when we were permitted to freely promulgate this mission in virtually every nook and corner of the Arab world, we were bombarded with critical comments emanating from various circles of scholars. The Arabs paid no attention to this whatsoever, except for a few isolated cases.

However, the moment our mission was banned, Allah ta’ala opened the doors of overwhelming public acknowledgement in our favor. As a result the Ulamah, the ordinary laymen and the youth, every one of them were drawn to this mission.

This stems solely from the bounties of Allah Ta’ala.

The boom of this work led many Arabs convinced and satisfied and many were taking keen interest in it. We persistently invoke upon Allah Ta‘ala to rouse the Arabs in favor of the Deen and make them responsible for reviving Islam which seems to be becoming more and more defunct throughout the world. Aameen.

Another point to note is that the mission in question breeds numerous flaws and defects within an ill-tempered person. In pursuit of reforming others, which is difficult indeed, he will have no concern of reforming himself.

Reformation lies in the power of Allah ta’ala.

Hence, you should take people out with the sole intention of imparting Deeni knowledge to them because the environment surrounding every individual is totally devoid of Deen except in a few cases where Allah ta’ala wills.

Emerging in the path of Allah promotes sound and wholesome atmosphere, an atmosphere conducive towards spiritual reformation.

Pay due respect to the learned. Be particularly attentive towards Zikr (remembrance of Allah ta’ala). Make Zikr whilst walking, working or doing anything. Recite the Du’as on various occasions as transcribed in the Ahadith as this brings about tranquility within the heart, simplifies all tasks and ensure Barakat (blessings).

Make Du’a unto Allah ta’ala in abundance as the object of any task can only be fulfilled with Du’a but the Du’a gains strength only with physical effort and strain or else the Du’a weakens.

Some sins, as recorded in the Ahadith, are an impediment for the acceptance of Du’as. So, make sure you refrain from such sins.

Wa alai kumm as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakath.

[Source: Letter One, The Letters of Maulana Sa’eed Ahmed Khan Saheb, translated by Maulana Mohammad Kadwa]

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  1. Dear brother Salman, can you please direct me to a link where I can read all of Maulana Saeed Khan Sahab’s letters?

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