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Central Madrasa Board – Satans in the disguise of Saints. The Coming Fitnah for Indian Muslims.

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Assalaamu alai kumm wa rahmatullaahi wa barakath,


To wipe out the Madaaris (Islamic Institutions) or to at least be able to contain and put restrictions upon them has been a long drawn plan of the European and Israeli lobby, which they first tested and implemented in the Arab world, and then concentrated upon the rest of the world. Now with intensity, a movement has been launched in India to destroy the original structure of the Madaaris and to distort their image.

This is an article written many years back by Hazrath Moulana Yusuf Ludhianwi (may Allah be pleased with him), but it fits upon the pitiable condition we are in. This has been presented which was published in the Urdu monthly “Ashraful Jaraid” from Hyderabad to give thought to those who have not yet realized the repercussion of the Government formed “Madrasa Board” and think that it is a boon while it is in actual terms a curse if implemented.


Satan in the form of the Saints

The world has come a long way in progress, and progress in every field. Progress in the form technology, defense, agriculture, space travel and….deception. Diplomacy is being mutated into a new art of warfare among rivals and considered enemies.

Long before any practical “Hot” field action can be taken, a low level, extremely cold and lethal form of action is launched which in other words is known as the’“Media”.

A technique is adopted wherein before the actual assault is done, hypes and myths, chaos and confusion is created using the controlled Media, public is brainwashed into an attitude of thought and rejection of listening to the reason of the programmed victim. 

Then the proposal of recognition is put forward if the terms are agreed.

A similar strategy is adopted to impose the administration of the “Central Madrasa Board”. Velvet glove diplomacy and sugar coated rather should be said honey coated term “Aid” is being tried to be fed to the Islamic scholars in India and if this does not get swallowed, the term “Recognition” is held back as a ransom to the Madaaris to observe the terms of the Central Madaris Board formed by the Government.

The next step:

Then the next step is to mutate the existing syllabus taught and practiced in the Islamic Institutions across the country. Syllabus followed from years, a syllabus which creates perfection to be replaced with modern insensible literature as approved by the government. In this manner a plot is being laid to remove the spirit of the Madaaris and thus those Institutions which fall in with the Board are granted recognition and the doors to the services in government departments are opened.

The students of independent Islamic Institutions are thus tempted and lured into a plot so deceptive that there will be a scarce of professionals in the fields of the religion of Islam if they get trapped. Mouth watering promotional schemes and retirement schemes are brought to snare the young innocent students. These are nothing but traps and webs knitted to bring the Ulama (Scholars) under the control of the government so that their tongues are locked and lips are sealed in matters pertaining to anything the authorities take against the religion of Islam and the community.

A warning to those who don’t want to comply:

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Those of the scholars, the speakers, the reformists and the Madaaris which prefer to remain independent and do not care two hoots to the benefits presented on a tray but prefer to serve the cause of Islam without any shackles, become the target of atrocities and harassment’s by the government authorities.

1. Firstly, their sources of funds are tried to be contained and, without the permission of the deputy commissioner, the asking for donations to run the institutions is declared illegal.

2. Inquiries are set up through the boards and tried to find ways wherein the institution, which is a remembrance of the “Suffa” of “Masjid e Nabwi” can be declared as an illegal construction and razed to the ground.

3. Mosques are tried to be brought under control these offices and the “Muezzins”, the “Imams” who are not recognized by the Government set up Board are fired.

4. The Board appointed secretary puts up an instruction that no Islamic scholar, unless approved by the Board, can give speech on any topic in the mosque.

Strangely, when the Ulamah get opportunity to speak in public gatherings section 144 is enforced.

[ What is section 144?

Central Government Act. Section 144 in The Indian Penal Code, 1860.
144. Joining unlawful assembly armed with deadly weapon. Whoever, being armed with any deadly weapon, or with anything which, used as a weapon of offence, is likely to cause death, is a member of an unlawful assembly, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine, or with both. – Site author]
Scholars, which the authorities fear will speak unhesitantly against any atrocity are restricted in their movements or put under house arrest on the pretext of maintaining peace. And the Ulamah which the authorities feel are danger to their designs are extradicated and they become a victim of the Law. It is when they become sad and show the signs of displeasure of the unjust treatment of the law; the “hot” operations begin.

The Hot Operation:

The doors of prisons are thrown open to engulf them and when there too, the Ulamah do not bow down to the authorities in agreeing with them and their selfish motives, there is no hesitancy of sounding the death sentence upon them and they in the footsteps of Imam Malik, Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Hanbal, welcome this sentence too for the sake of pleasing Allah and none else.

These are schemes adopted in different forms and terms to restrict and contain the spirit honed into true aspiring students generated by independent Islamic Institutions.

The Class of Naiive:

cmb 4

People are generally unaware of such Acts and their ulterior motives, but the Ulamah who live a life of only to please Allah recognize such threats and defy, resist and get ready to sacrifice or undergo anything to maintain the true laws and teachings of Islam and see to it that the Islamic institutions do not become stages for the governments to play with the religion of Allah and its followers are not made puppets.

This is the strategy applied in the other parts of the world, especially the Islamic countries themselves in which the true spirit of the Islam is missing. In fact, these Islamic countries themselves are hesitant to be collaborated with the Madaaris and possess a negative attitude towards them.

Today, in the institutions of these Islamic countries one can find vacuum of knowledge in the departments of the sciences of exegesis of the Holy Qur’an, the Hadith, Jurisprudence sciences, their related subjects and topics.

The Last Samurais:

ind and pak

In the entire world, in two countries alone can one find independent Islamic Institutions that are run in their original purity and form and those are India and Pakistan.

Here one can find and feel the illuminations of the teachings of the Holy Qur’an, the Hadith and other Islamic sciences. And it is from these institutions that students complete their courses here and leave as today’s prominent scholars, Huffaz, the reformists and the jurists to serve the world in various fields of the religion of Islam. Whatever spirit is left of true Islam in the world is due to the striving of these students and scholars from these two countries. The Muslim communities of the two-countries have been able to maintain their heritage and culture due these institutions. People who have seen closely the institutions and their administrations of the other countries or are aware of their genuineness will definitely agree with me.

In fact things have come to such a situation in the Islamic countries that a Professor will not be appointed to a post in the department of teaching the sciences of the Holy Qur’an or the Hadith or jurisprudic sciences, unless he has a degree in PhD from any American or European University and should have a positive view of western philosophy, although otherwise he might be a complete professional on the subject. Thus whatsoever spirit he would have of true Islam would, if not already, be extinguished in due course of time.

This is why it becomes not only necessary for the Ulamah of such countries as ours to keep the Madaaris independent of government interference, but is obligatory and essential.

But if the government has good and noble intentions that the Madaaris should be advanced in various linguistic fields, global awareness, western education, then there is NO NECESSITY for restrictions and rules, but it should with a free open heart allow the teaching and learning of the regular syllabus which has been taught for years. Along’with if it is felt that the student should be a linguistic professional to convey the teachings of Islam to the world in the most lucid manner, then on consultation with the Ulamah, allot a four year course in English and European literature in two to three Institutions built for the cause.

Or, it can conduct the same in Madaaris which have the facility for the same either on its own expense or if the institution can manage on its own fund. Let the authorities recognize the institution only on its literary service basis and not as a government’s employment agency wherein they can have their say as they like.

It is only then alone that the students studying in the Madaaris will not only gain their true knowledge of Islam but will also have exposure to the European literature and languages and be in the capacity to discharge their duties across the world as full fledged Islamic scholars with a complete grasp of global awareness.

[Source: Main Source Islamic Vision plus relevant additions wherever needed are by The.Ijtema® ]

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Note: The.Ijtema® will have a dedicated category which will inshaAllah try to keep its readers updated with the lastest developments. This post is only the beginning. Request to everyone to share it as this is something that strikes at the roots of Islam and Muslims and hence a very important issue for all Muslims in general. 

 Wa alai kumm as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakath.

Author: Salman

Know me by my work.

One thought on “Central Madrasa Board – Satans in the disguise of Saints. The Coming Fitnah for Indian Muslims.

  1. It is not surprising that the Indian government wants to do it, there is a silent program in this country to control the minds of Muslims, and the first step in that process is to monitor our Madaaris. And this is not unprecedented either. In 1857, after the revolt against the East India company was thwarted by the British, one of the first step they took was to contain the Madaaris. They slowly but successfully made sure to remove Arabic from them, and also removed a lot of content from the syllabus, which they thought was ‘dangerous’.

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