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Regretful Lessons From Travels to Palestine and Burma in the 60s.



After narrating a splendid parable of the representatives of the embassies of this world, Hadhrat continued:

About seven to eight years ago, I had the opportunity of visiting Bangladesh when it was still under Pakistani rule. I met about eight Burmese youth. All of them were Surtees – hailing from Surat, Rander and suburbs who were great businessmen in the glorious times of Rangoon (before the communist regime came to power).”

“On many occasions, aided by Rangoon funds, rugs worth well over eighty thousand (Rupees) used to be purchased for the Masjids (of India). The yarn used in the manufacture of those rugs was so thick that they had to be trimmed at least twice before they were suitable for Sajdah [prostration] purposes”

(Hadrath recollected just this one example to expound on the wealth of Burmese in former times).

“Upon inquiring about their purpose of coming over to Bangladesh, they replied that they were owners of massive factories and businesses but they lost everything in just one day. They were owners of those factories and businesses in the morning but by the evening, all of it fell into the hands of the government.”

I asked them:

Is the Almighty Allah of Rangoon different to the Allah of this country? At least your lives were saved out there. Here you may lose your lives as well. There is no annihilator but Allah Ta’ala. Only Allah Ta’ala is the saviour as well as the annihilator. On account of certain divine principles, He either destroys or He protects. If you lead a life of disobedience unto Allah Ta’ala, He will, in accordance with His fixed principles, destroy you. If not in this world. He will destroy you in the hereafter.”

Following a detailed narrative about Spain and Russia, Hadhrath went on to say further:

If only people were to promulgate the Kalimah of Allah and adopt the life-style of Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) on a universal level, Allah Ta’ala, in conformity to His divine code will bring about a life of peace and tranquillity in this world. Once the work of Dawah is promoted, churches will transform into Masjid or else the Masjid will turn into churches. Allah Ta’ala doesn’t require the Masajid structures but he looks towards the A’amaal (activities) of the Masajid. Once the A‘mal of the Masajid take leave from the Muslims, the Masajid are destined to become churches and stable. Allah Ta’ala does not care about the aftermath of the Masajid once their A’maal are relinquished.”

Sixteen years ago, whilst visiting Bait ul-Muqaddas (Palestine), I explicitly mentioned that it (Bait ul-Muqaddas) is not in the hands of Muslims, a place where the Imam deceives the people by performing twenty Rakats of Taraweeh with Surah Rahman alone and where naked Muslim women shamelessly move about! How can one then consider it to be in the hands of the Muslims? On the face of it, it was in the hands of the Muslims but in reality it was not. Once the A‘maal of the Masajid are done away with, Allah Ta’ala does not require the Masjid structure even though it may be Masjid – e  – Aqsa.”

“The country and the earth belongs to Allah alone. He is at liberty to hand it over to whomsoever he pleases – to our enemy or to our friend!”

[Source: Pg. 67, The Letters of Maulana Sa’eed Ahmed Khan Saheb, translated by Maulana Mohammad Kadwa]

– – x – –

That was an anecdote from the life and times of the late Maulana Sa’eed Ahmed Khan Saheb Makki [may Allah have mercy on him] amongst the biggest zimmedars of Dawat & Tabligh of the past century and one who was fortunate to have worked under the tutelage of the great revivalist, Maulana Ilyasji [may Allah have mercy on him] himself. May Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala grant them both Jannat ul Firdaus, Summa Ameen.

Wait! It ain’t over yet! Did you pay attention? When do you think this was said? 

The letter was written approx. 1974, how? 

If you noticed the finer details in the post, the respected Maulana talks of visiting Bangladesh when it was still under Pakistani rule, which means the letter talks of pre 1971 period [the Bangladesh Liberation War in which India intervened was fought in 1971, Bangladesh was known as East Pakistan before winning the war] and Maulana also talks of Rangoon and how the tables were turned on the Muslims overnight when the Communists came to power, well, they came to power in 1962, which means , assuming any year between that period, say, 1968, Maulana must have visited Bangladesh around that period, Maulana also says he visited Palestine ‘sixteen year ago’ which means a further 8 year back in period before 1968, then he must have visited Bait ul Muqaddas in 1960. 

That was the state of our Muslim ummah 53 years ago. Things haven’t changed for the better in all these years, if anything, they’ve only gotten worse.

Think about it.          

         – – x – – 

Up next inshaAllah: The exclusive dua of Maulana Ilyasji (may Allah have mercy on him) for those involved in the effort of tabligh.

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  1. ASSALAMUALIKUM HISTORY repeats it self if we dont do the work of ALLAH SUBHANNA TA ALLAH he will replace us

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