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Tabligh Comics! The plight of the work of tabligh and the people engaged in it.


As salaamu alai kumm wa rahmatullahi wa barakath,

The following image best describes the plight of the effort of tabligh and the people involved in it. 


So just ignore the doubting thomases and keep doing the effort for whatever we say, whatever we do, people will always have something to say.

Note: Not comparing the work to a donkey, its only an analogy.

Image courtesy: NA.

Wa alai kumm as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakath.

Author: Salman

Know me by my work.

12 thoughts on “Tabligh Comics! The plight of the work of tabligh and the people engaged in it.

  1. Also, add to this article the comments of Allah when he told Yusuf a.s that hy do you complain about people objecting you, you see, they have not even spare me !!

  2. Assalamualaykum, nice anecdote, it would cover more then one issue of life/Deen, people always got something to say, unfortunately never anything positive!

  3. They say: Apna kaam karo. Do your work and also stay focused. Also they say, “The suggestions will run into tonnes of load”

    Jazakallah for the comics.

  4. Moulana Ibrahim Devla “Apna kaam par nazar Rakho, Warna Mahol kay sath Chalayga”, Focus on your ownselves, otherwise you will go with the crowd. We got to focus on our ownselve’s when going out meeting others…We are sick patient’s in the hospital, if we focus on making other’s better we will lose ourselves, May Allah s.w.t. give me taufeeq first to bring deen. Ameen.

  5. Jazakallah for sharing this. This is exactly why our Ulama don’t bother about the criticism coming from outside, and tell us to do the same as well. The work is so important that we shouldn’t waste time pondering on allegations. Instead, we should focus on the work at hand and pray that Allah SWT makes us all understand the true value of this noble effort.

  6. Masha Allah br Nice one,
    Always this ll take place, this is noble effort of Ambiya. Dawah brothers get all kinds os comment from people, But they get HIDAYAH from ALLAH.

    Al Hamdulillah

  7. Brother Salman, are you form Jeddah?

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