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Imam Sudais and The Curse of His Mother.

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As salaamu alaii kumm wa rahmatullahi wa barakath,

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Here I’d like to present you a story which has great lessons for all of us. Its said of the present Imam of Haramain Shareefain, Hadrath Qari Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, an account of his life which I came to know from respectable sources that whenever the mother of Imam Sudais used to get angry, she would curse him like: 

“May Allah make you the Imam of the Haramain !!”

Allahu Akbar! Such a strange curse it is – that which unarguably had glad tidings for the young Imam. This is in effect a result of the teachings of Islam, a result of growing up in a religious household. Just see what happened thereafter, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala accepted her prayers, made Qari Abdul rahman Al-Sudais the Imam of Kaaba and spread his name and fame across the whole world.

From the above story I’d like to bring to your attention that mother’s should never ever curse their children, and if at all they get angry at their kids – they should make such a prayer…that which is beneficial for their kids, the kind of prayer that the mother of Imam Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais used to do.

* * *

Source: واقعات پڑہے اور عبرت لجے

(Waaqiaat Padhiye aur Ibrat Leejiye) by Mufti Shuaibullah Khan Miftahi.

Faisal Publications, U. P., India.

Wa alaii kumm as salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakath

Author: Salman

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One thought on “Imam Sudais and The Curse of His Mother.

  1. woooow what a nice curse. Plz anyone of u also curse me.I just love the Qirat done by Qari al sudais sahab. May allah will shower all his blessings on him.

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